CookTek Induction Stovetop


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 CookTek (MC2100) 6-Hob Electric Induction Stovetop 

Regular Price: $12,080.75

Edge Location: (London)

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The Cooktek Induction Range Top features a sturdy stainless steel housing and an easy to clean glass-ceramic cooktop. The range top also features rotary knobs with up to 10 power settings. Automatic pan detection quickly heats up when a pan is present.


**Precise Control**

- Six independent induction cook zones operated by rotary knobs with 0–10 power settings

**Glass Ceramic Top**

- Easy-to-clean, high-impact, glass-ceramic cooktop with four separate induction cook zones

**Induction Technology**

- Induction technology is faster and safer. Magnetic waves induce heat directly in the pan for quick boiling and intense sears, leaving less heat on the surface.

**Automatic Pan Detection**

- Allows for instant energy transmission to pan

**Self-Diagnosing Microprocessor**

- Monitors vital components to check for overheating, power supply issues, and more

**Integral Fan**

- Keeps internal components cool

Additional Features:

- 21,000 watts (3,500/burner)

- Freestanding design with stainless steel housing

- High-quality internal electronics and heavy gauge Litz wire