Pro-Max® Panini Grill


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Pro-Max® Double sided Panini Grill

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  • Expand your menu with Star’s Pro-Max two sided grill. Prepare“Panini” sandwiches, chicken breasts, hamburgers, steaks, wraps, vegetables and many other menu items quickly and easily while maximizing space.
  • Heavy-duty grooved platens provide long life and superior performance for high volume operations.
  • A heavy-duty commercial hinge system and handle provides safe and effortless operation of the top platen.
  • Two-sided cooking heats your menu items in half the time, sealing in flavor.
  • Ergonomically designed control panel provides easy access and visibility to controls.
  • Top platen leveling system lifts top platen parallel to bottom platen for a full 3 inches before rotating up, providing even cooking of thin tortillas to thick panini sandwiches and burritos and more!